ALII Advantages

ALII "Patented" can help reduce and eliminate the following:


  • Reduces rig time to surface and rerun rod pumps.
  • Reduces trucking costs.
  • Reduces storage costs for viscous kill fluids.
  • Reduces the number of non-pumping days.
  • Tools can be redressed and re-used when doing a work over, reducing pipe waste.
  • No chance of kill fluids being sent to upstream facilities.
  • Eliminates lost production cost in recovery of kill fluids as well as cost of kill fluids disposal.
  • Increases tail pipe intake area by at least 4 times.


  • Gives positive well control before breaking wellhead containment (i.e. eliminating the chance of formation gases / H2S or other fluids being released at surface).
  • Allows client to diagnose tubular versus pump integrity without moving tubing.
  • No need for trickle well control.
  • Allows client to surface a pump under any condition (i.e. toxic gases in the wellbore, bottom hole pressure or temperature).
  • Eliminates the use of water and other more undesirable viscous fluids to maintain well control for a pump change. In fact, a minor amount of degreaser or de-waxer is all that is needed to clean the sucker rod string prior to surfacing it.
  • With the right attachment, ALII Tool allows client to shut off casing flow.
  • ALII can be cycled multiple times.
  • Allows client to still use conventional well kill techniques if needed.


  • ALII is extremely environmentally friendly and is committed to reducing the environmental footprint by decreasing the use of local water supply significantly.
  • No foreign materials left in the bottom of the wellbore or in and or on top of liners.
  • Removes the risk of losing a well due to over killing the well.
  • Allows client to keep well primed at all times.
  • Reduces the impact on disposal well by reducing the amount of disposal fluids.


  • Aligns rod pump intake with tail pipe intake.
  • Allows you to tag PBTD or liner top without damaging the plug.
  • Client capable of flushing rod string prior to activating ALII if required.

Oil Rebel Innovations onshore solutions maximize the potential of your conventional way of production.

Oil Rebel Innovations is committed to pushing innovation in production technologies from the conventional way to the ALII systems. Our focus is on pressure containment while offering solutions to best optimize your production needs while not compromising safety. We partner with you to minimize uncertainty and maximize your production at a fraction of the cost. 

Oil Rebel Innovations is proud to introduce ALII
(Artificial Lift Intake Isolation) System

Optimizes your production by decreasing downtime through a reliable equipment and service excellence.

Problems We Solve

In the field, you rely on products that are built to the highest standards. Oil Rebel Innovations is partnering with its customers to continue building on our history of innovating and manufacturing quality products that help decrease unplanned downtime, extra non-production days, additional rig time, delivery costs, pumping costs, lost production time in recovery time of kill fluid, kill fluids being pumped to upstream facilities, disposal costs, burden on the watershed and environmental damages.

From the production shop to fully customized solutions, Oil Rebel Innovations expertise and ability to deliver truly comprehensive solutions enables us to deliver the right product for the right application. The conditions of your specific well site should not affect the potential of your production. Whether high pressure, high temperature or both – our products adhere to the highest of quality standards to unlock your field’s highest and most profitable potential.

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