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Research and Development

We believe that our strength not only comes from offering the highest level of service but also from our drive to find more cost efficient, safe & environmental friendly ways to service and produce wells with our clients desired objectives as our priority & goal.   

Since 2013, Oil Rebel Innovations dedicated R&D department has been offering our clients technology that answers their production needs. Our R&D department’s mandate is twofold. Firstly, to engineer new innovative technologies that create cost savings and production efficiencies for our clients and secondly, to continuously improve our existing technologies and tools to ensure our performance level remains at the top of the industry.

Oil Rebel Innovations R&D capabilities create a competitive advantage in terms of agility, reliability and efficiencies. When a market need is presented or recognized we communicate with our client to establish their concerns & objectives. We ensure our client’s goals and concerns are our top priority. Our R&D team then begins discussions with the engineering team and begins the designing process while maintaining the clients request at the forefront.

Designing and Manufacturing Downhole Tools for Oil and Gas Production